Km 10 via Pereira - Cerritos, Veracruz Casa 7

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3 Dec

Welcome to El Lugar Nordico

Bienvenidos! Welcome to El Lugar Nordico, a place where you can have your cake and eat it too – in peace and silence! We pride ourselves in standing out from the crowd with our exquisite gourmet cuisine, offbeat tour interpretations and night time peace which is completely undisturbed. El Lugar Nordico – Our Makeover Ever since we opened in 2015, our guests have reported a peaceful atmosphere, intense flavors and a lifestyle of peaceful elegance. It is our pleasure to continue curating experiences which will have you making return visits again and again. In the current present, we continue to...
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26 Dec

Coffee Axis Travel Experiences

We offer exclusive travel experiences which are beyond the norm, outside tradition and beyond what your guide book mentions about the Coffee Axis. Our Coffee Axis Travel experiences are one-of-a-kind curated trips which feature language support, full planning and transport. Enjoy the feel and experience of us taking you where you want to go, NOT where someone in the traditional industry thinks you should go. We will be your advice and partner in selecting the best destinations and the best price performance offers – which eventually one finds off-the-beaten-track. Coffee Axis Travel Experiences When you go with us we want...
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3 Dec

European Gourmet Cuisine in Pereira Colombia

El Lugar offers high level gourmet food, and private dinners or business lunches for groups between 4 and 120 individual guests. The concept is designed to guarantee maximum attention to the comfort of the guests and an dining experience which you will find to be memorable and unique. This is what sets us apart as we serve you fresh European Gourmet Cuisine in Pereira, Colombia. El Lugar guarantees culinary moments beyond expectation, in a cozy environment. For events and meetings we also offer bar services and background music to your preference and style. We can even facilitate wine menus to accompany your...
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