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Coffee Axis Travel Experiences

El Lugar is dedicated to our visitor finding peace, tranquility and an experience that is a world apart from the average.
26 Dec

Coffee Axis Travel Experiences

We offer exclusive travel experiences which are beyond the norm, outside tradition and beyond what your guide book mentions about the Coffee Axis. Our Coffee Axis Travel experiences are one-of-a-kind curated trips which feature language support, full planning and transport. Enjoy the feel and experience of us taking you where you want to go, NOT where someone in the traditional industry thinks you should go. We will be your advice and partner in selecting the best destinations and the best price performance offers – which eventually one finds off-the-beaten-track.

Coffee Axis Travel Experiences

When you go with us we want to ensure you have full bragging rights to tell your friends and family that you did something unique. Traditionally recommended tourist attractions are cool but… Instead we will take you to an exotic garden, a waterfall, a forest where you can see howler monkeys, or an authentic working coffee pueblo where tourist traps don’t exist.

Come along with us as we explore offbeat, out-of-bounds and little known but worthy places of interest.


In Apia, you will fly high above green forests and coffee fields with a professional paraglider. Discover where importers like Starbucks gets their coffee from, and why it is special compared to other nearby pueblos.

Experience a musical tradition which spans more than 100 years and includes a yearly theatrical show about the Spanish Conquista, written by a local author. Listen to the sound of birds as you do an ecological hike which will teach you about birds, plants and local legends.

Apia Cartago Quinchia Local Sites
Paragliding Local Artisans Indigenous Exotic Garden
Coffee Tasting Casa Virrey Archeology Los Frailes Waterfall
Music Food Tasting Waterfalls Walking City Tour
Eco-hike Eco-Park Coffee Culture Gastronomy
Bike Tours Boutique Shops Hiking Coffee Farm Tour


Discover the most famous pueblo for artisan embroidery through their museum tour and the many boutique shops which sell “Bordado,” or hand-stitched clothing and home essentials. Take a short hike at an eco-park with birds, ducks and exotic plants. Tour Casa Virrey, a museum dedicated to local culture and history.


A smaller sister city to Pereira, Manizales is a hotbed of culture, art and some of the most beautiful scenery in the Coffee Axis. Choose from various day trip options according to your personal preferences. Immerse yourself in the romance of the tango tour. Inhale the aroma of fresh locally grown coffee as you enjoy a massive view of city, green spaces and mountains. Wander the historic center and take pictures from the top of the cathedral. Did we mention there are also botanic gardens, butterflies and forest pathways?


Nobody else will offer this to you. In this former guerrilla hotbed, guests will discover a mystical area full of eco-tourism options like waterfall hikes, indigenous petroglyphs, ancient artifacts and incredible views. This is a little known but up and coming destination for the amateur archeologist, hiking enthusiast and nature lover!

Local Sites

Visitors to El Lugar Nordico will enjoy the local cocoa and coffee tours available in Marsella and Pereira!

Pereira is the capital of the coffee axis, and home to many experiences which the average tourist tends to completely miss. With an impressive waterfall more than 50 meters high, a great coffee farm tour, a walking city tour and an exotic garden with over 40,000 imported exotic plants – you won’t lack for things to do, even though many well-known travel guides will try to have you believe the contrary.


El Lugar is dedicated to our visitor finding peace, tranquility and an experience that is a world apart. Everything we do is a dedication to details and your comfort. When you book with us, you will enter a world of pampering, relaxation, excellent food and a good nights sleep. During the day we will take you beyond the glossy travel brochures to places that are off the beaten path and untouched by industrial tourism.

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