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Gourmet Cuisine in Pereira

Come inside the unique dining experiences we offer.
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European Gourmet Cuisine in Pereira Colombia

El Lugar offers high level gourmet food, and private dinners or business lunches for groups between 4 and 120 individual guests. The concept is designed to guarantee maximum attention to the comfort of the guests and an dining experience which you will find to be memorable and unique. This is what sets us apart as we serve you fresh European Gourmet Cuisine in Pereira, Colombia.

El Lugar guarantees culinary moments beyond expectation, in a cozy environment. For events and meetings we also offer bar services and background music to your preference and style. We can even facilitate wine menus to accompany your palate appropriately. Guests can bring their own wine by agreement and a fee for service (descorche).

We offer technology which is designed to facilitate business meetings which includes conference tools such as computers, projector, white board, stationary and utensils. This can also apply for occasions where a business meeting in discreet surroundings with exclusive service is required.

El Lugar believes in a close integration of our guests in the planning and execution of gourmet cuisine. We can also suggest menu compositions in a variety of price and volume levels which will meet your needs.

The stay at el Lugar Nordico is a kaleidoscope of opportunities to discover the coffee axis, its culture, and its culinary potential.

At the number one restaurant in Colombia on, how could you expect any less?


Our breakfast is inspired by the French Bed and Breakfast style. The meal can be enjoyed in the dining room or out on the terrace to your own personal preference.

We have a strong focus on fresh and homemade products combined with the fresh locally grown fruits. Breakfast is self-serve buffet supplemented with eggs cooked to order. Prepare to experience freshly ground single origen coffee prepared with a French press to guarantee the most balanced and complex tasting experience which will kickstart your day.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Events
Coffee Starter Meat Up to 120
Eggs Main Dish Salad Custom
Marmelade Coffee Wine or Beer Themed
Fresh Fruit Bread Appetizer Live Music
Bread Dessert Option Bread Social


Our lunches will always be designed on day fresh products and typically we will use seasonal fruits, vegetables combined with selections of meat cooked to order. Lunches will always include a starter and a main dish and coffee. Desserts by order.

Due to the range of wishes, we always coordinate directly with our guests how to creatively prepare your lunch.

We do not have a regular menu but the basic structure includes a warm or cold starter, like soup or salad. Your main dish is a selection of meat preference and then cooked in a fusion style which utilizes local and available ingredients. You can order the dessert of the day or have something specially made. We can even offer a cheese plate and bar services.


Dinner is similar to lunch but with greater complexity of taste and preparation.

As before you can opt for a warm or cold starter dish. Feel free to add on an interlude dish like sherbet, carpaccio, fruit with mousse de canard or poulet – all designed to your taste preference. The main dish is your meat option and can include options like beef, pork, chicken, lamb, lobster and a shell fish menu. Be sure to advise us if you would like a dessert or cheese plate (or both) to further increase your enjoyment.

Our Chef

Jorn a Denmark native, knows good food. As a European trained chef, he follows a high standard for food handling and prep.

What is your main wish as a chef?

To see the customer satisfied. This profession runs through my veins. I have always been aware of the sacrifices and passion you need to work in this field. Therefore, besides the pleasure of cooking, a happy customer is always the best reward for my job.

What type of cuisine inspires you to choose the dishes you offer at El Lugar?

A very traditional French cuisine, and the use of magnificent local products to create fusions between the basic French, the modern Danish and the tropical cuisine. I am also inspired by ancient recipes of Denmark that I try to modernize whilst trying to respect the expectation of people who sit at the table of our restaurant nowadays. These are people who want to eat well and healthy at the same time.


The staff at el Lugar combine discretion and professionalism to work with the sole objective of taking care of the guests and responding effectively to all their needs. Your quality of stay is our main priority.

For more information or to make a reservation in our restaurant call us at 321 558 4848 or email us at

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