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Our Policies

Here are a few notes about how we operate and do business. We always seek to employ practices which guarantee the best results for everyone.

  • Boutique Hotel El Lugar is less appropriate for children under age of 14. We do not have facilities to entertain young guests.
  • Special needs (allergies, food restrictions, medical conditions etc.) which require special attention and / or planning must be informed to the hotel as part of reservation and minimum 2 weeks in advance to secure we can plan the best possible stay and service for our guests.
  • Maximum 2 persons per room.
  • El Lugar has data privacy and protection policy in accordance with valid legislation.


We are committed to environmental and sociocultural sustainability therefore we have taken a number of initiatives, where we appreciate your support during your stay with us:
• We have established energy-saving measurements: we have low consumption appliances, we use LED and energy saving bulbs and we dry our linens outdoors. Air Conditioning – Inverter type to minimize energy consumption. When using your air conditioning please close your room windows. Please turn your air conditioning and the room lights off when leaving your room.
• Please reuse your towels if applicable to reduce consumption of water and detergents.
• Our personal care amenities and cleaning products are biodegradable in order to minimize the ecological impact.
• We have installed shower dispensers for shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in each room to reduce the consumption of plastic containers.
• The hotel classifies its waste in plastic, glass, paper and metal products to be recycled. Organic waste is used for compost of our garden. Please help us selecting and discarding your waste products in the containers designated for this purpose.
• When possible we use organic products for the preparation of our meals.
• We collect rain water to water our garden.
• We train our staff in environmental and sustainability issues and create awareness on the rational use of our resources and the protection of the environment.


Since we are a small guest house cancellations have a very high impact to our operation. Thus, in line with establishments this size our cancellation policy is firm.
Any and all cancellations are only accepted in writing.If cancellation more than two weeks before arrival, 75 % of the reservation fee will be reserved for the guest as a voucher for later reservations.

If cancellation less than two weeks before arrival, or at no show, the reservation fee will not be refunded.

EVENTS: Cancellations are only accepted in writing and 40% of total calculated event price will be retained as cancellation fee.


El Lugar, it´s owners and employees oppose any use of prostitution, child abuse or use of prohibited substances in acordance with law 679/2011. If observed El Lugar will report to respective authorities and reserve the right to terminate your stay with immediate effect and no compensation.“Being different is not the problem, different treatment is the problem” El Lugar says no to discrimination and warrants the right by law 1482/2011 on equality for all without prejudice to race, religion, gender or sexual orientation”

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