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European Style Cuisine

El Lugar Nordico strongly believes that the right raw materials are the best foundation for a good culinary experience. We will use fish and shellfish from the coast; supply the best local beef available, use poultry, pork and lamb from local producers and fresh fruits and vegetables from this region. We will do it with enthusiasm and respect for the products which we will prepare with love and soul to provide you the ultimate culinary choices and the experience of recognizing different flavors and elements in the dishes. We believe in supporting local businesses and producers, while integrating textures and flavors from an international kitchen, which you can actually find here. 


We are Here to Make You Welcome!

El Lugar offers a wide range of culinary services. From advanced fusion cuisine over traditional international and local cuisine to buffets and gourmet tapas menus with 5-8 courses. All of our meals are prepared using fresh ingredients from local producers! 

Last but not least: enjoy our home baked bread for all occasions – served with butter or Olive Oil
Bon appetite!


We have a strong focus on fresh and homemade products combined with fresh locally grown fruits. Breakfast is served to you at your table. Each meal is supplemented with eggs cooked to order, fresh fruit, bread or pastries and daily specials which vary. Prepare to experience freshly ground gourmet coffee prepared with a French press to guarantee a balanced and complex tasting experience which will kickstart your day. We also offer fresh juices, tea, hot chocolate and varieties of dairy products.


We have a menu which lists our suggestions. Guests can choose from Scandinavian food traditions fused with fresh local ingredients, or you can opt for more traditional plates like pasta, crepes and fresh salads. We can even offer wine accompanied by fruit/cheese plates. Visitors can also ask for our Chef menu which is available to our guests at all times during their stay.


Dinner is our special time of day where we offer our exclusive “Cocina de Autor.” Order from our appetizer menu and then choose your choice of meat prepared in special ways, or a vegetarian plate. Meat options can include beef, pork, chicken, lamb, lobster and a shell fish menu. Please note that our options may change based on demand and availability. Be sure to advise us if you would like a dessert or cheese plate (or both) to further increase your enjoyment.

Our Lunch Menu

El Lugar Nórdico
New Experiences

LUNCH SUGGESTIONS 12:00 – 4:00 p.m.


Three open sandwiches on rye – chef´s selection – Håndmadder Uspecificeret $ 31.500

One large open sandwich on rye – Smørrebrød Højt Belagt

Roastbeef $ 19.000
Rimmed Salmon $ 21.000
Chicken Salad with Capers $ 17.000
Vegetarian $ 18.000

Double breaded fried White fish Danish Style with potato wedges and special sauce $ 32.000

Tradicional butter-fried meatballs (pork) potato wedges and vegetables $ 28.000

Danish style griund beef with fried egg, potato wedges and chef´s sauce $ 31.000

Tender loin Rolls with carrot, potatoes and sauce a la cream $ 34.000


Green salad with fruit filets $ 15.000
Cesar’s Salad $ 20.000
Cesar’s Salad with chicken $ 23.000
Cesar Salad with home smoked salmon $ 26.000

Spaghetti al Pomodoro with chicken $ 27.000
Spaghetti Alfredo with home smoked bacon $ 30.000
Spaghetti Alfredo with Chicken $ 29.000
Pasta a La Vegetar -25 minutes for the preparation $ 32.000
Pasta El Lugar with meat $ 32.000
Pasta El Lugar with shrimp $ 38.000

Chicken a La Creme $ 24.000
Smoked salmon with cheese $ 28.000
Smoked bacon with cheese $ 27.000
Side dish of green salad $ 8.000

Our Starter Menu

El Lugar Nórdico
A Travel in flavours


Smoked Bacon wit Goat Cheese $18.000
Salad with Rimmed Salmon Danish Style $20.000
Duck Confit, toasted bread of Rye, fried prunes $19.000
Homemade Tomato Soup $17.000
Pirog with beef Russin style and mustard cream $19.000
Intense Broth of Duck $18.000
Pate de Salmon served with a delicate lemon cream $22.000
Quail eggs in blueberry with caviar cream $18.000
Gambas two sauces on salad “frisee” $31.000
King Prawn and Shrimp flambee on salad with Chef´s sauce $31.000
Green Honey steamed asparagus with smoked bacon
(seasonal ask) $22.000
Cheese plate (2 persons) $ 48.000
Shell fish and fish platter (2 persons) with fresh fruit $ 55.000
Caprese with fresh Mozzarella and Olives $ 18.000
City of Latina Salad with 3 cheeses $ 18.000

Our Chefs Dinner Menu

El Lugar Nórdico
A travel in flavours



Pacific Lobster $ 93.000
Shell Fish Plate – Prawn, Green Shell and Shrimp $ 56.000
Shrimp $ 51.000
Salmon $ 49.000
Tuna $ 49.000
Filet Mignon – Beef Tender Loin $ 44.000
Steak El Lugar $ 41.000
Pork Tender Loin $ 39.000

All plates above are arranged with Italian Pasta or Potatoes,mchef´s sauces, selection of fruits and vegetables

Risotto with Flambee King Prawn- 25 minutes preparation $49.000
Risotto with Tiger Shrimp- 25 minutes preparation $ 45.000

Vegetarian dish from $ 49.000
The chef designs the plates directly with customer

Special sauces in chef´s cuisine Additional cost
Sauce Bernaise $6.000
Sauce Hollandaise $6.000

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