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Welcome to El Lugar Nordico

Where birdsong, soft music and intimate experiences are found.
3 Dec

Welcome to El Lugar Nordico

Bienvenidos! Welcome to El Lugar Nordico, a place where you can have your cake and eat it too – in peace and silence! We pride ourselves in standing out from the crowd with our exquisite gourmet cuisine, offbeat tour interpretations and night time peace which is completely undisturbed.

El Lugar Nordico – Our Makeover

Ever since we opened in 2015, our guests have reported a peaceful atmosphere, intense flavors and a lifestyle of peaceful elegance. It is our pleasure to continue curating experiences which will have you making return visits again and again.

As part of our evolutionary process we decided to change our name from el Lugar to el Lugar Nordico - to connect more with our Scandinavian roots.

In the current present, we continue to place first on for gourmet cuisine. Our world-class European chef works to constantly redefine the idea of fusion cuisine with local ingredients and international favorites. As an event venue we are without equal due to the constant quiet atmosphere which lends itself to birdsong, soft music and intimate social gatherings and important business meetings.


Going into the future, we plan to continue to push the bar even higher as we begin to focus more energy into our travel interpretation. We can offer our guests travel ideas which will ensure they find unique, authentic – yet slightly offbeat destinations where safety is first, and a one-of-a-kind experience comes in a close second.

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